Die-cutting and converting presses for soft materials

Since 1947, Suteau-Anver designs and manufactures hydraulic and mechanical cutting presses. They are made for industries working non-metallic and composite materials (carpet, foam, gasket, rubber, cardboard, leather, textile, composite, carbon, Kevlar…).

Suteau-Anver also manufactures special machines such as laminating machines for various environnments, in particular for automotive industry, leather goods and footwear.

To be at the cutting edge of technology, Suteau-Anver ensures the distributing of cutting tables with oscillating blades for flexible materials and composites up to 120 mm thick.

Machines For . . .

Leather goods and saddlery machines

Footwear industrial machines: Assembly
Manufacturer of machines for packaging
Manufacturer of converting machines

Machines for automotive

Machines for aeronautics
Manufacturer of machines for composite industry
Manufacturer of machines for POS & cardboard
Manufacturer of machines for bedding / furniture
Manufacturer of machines for flooring

Machine Examples